Monday, 28 September 2015

Meet Restless Ocean

When I went to see Mamma Kin back in December of 2013, little did I know that this was going to be their last gig ever. Sadly Mamma Kin have now disbanded. Their singer though is in a new band called Restless Ocean and back in June I was happy to attend their first ever gig.
The night was opened by Violent Cartoons and you can check them out for yourselves since a few days after this gig, they released their debut EP which is free and you can get it here!

Restless Ocean went on next. On their BandCamp page they describe themselves as "Influenced by both older and contemporary bands, their music is an alternative mix of garage rock, blues and 70's punk". I am confident that we can expect a lot from them in the future since they are apparently working on their new album now. Meanwhile, on that night they gave us an enjoyable 11-song set.

One more important thing to note: There was another band, Bad Treat appearing after Restless Ocean. Unfortunately, I could not stay to see them since I had to hurry in order to catch the last train and bus home. I promise I will try to attend one of their gigs in the future. The funny thing is that looking back to the poster from that last Mamma Kin gig I just realized that Bad Treat were also due to appear on that night but for some reason they didn't... Oh well... So, one more time: I promise I will try to attend one of their gigs in the future...

01. Your Addiction
02. More
03. Lose Our Minds
04. Pieces Of Me
05. Going Down
06. See You There
07. Rainy Days Revisited
08. Not The Same
09. Down To The Ocean
10. Valley Of Death
11. Let Me Be

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