Friday, 25 December 2015

MOAN loves you @ six d.o.g.s.

I was so dumbfounded when I saw MOAN live for the first time back in May when they supported The Stranglers (where we met the singer's mother AND grandmother in the audience), that I knew I had to see them again. Their "Debut EP Release Show" at six d.o.g.s. in the beginning of October where their first EP "Breaking Bad" would be on sale was the perfect occasion.
Upon arriving there I caught a glimpse of them being interviewed in the next room for MTV Rise and I had the chance to watch it the following week. When watching it, I learned that one of their favourite songs is "I'm On Fire" by Bruce Springsteen. So, once again it was proven that Bruce is everywhere. And "I'm On Fire" is probably Bruce's favourite song among Greek artists!

After that short pause I headed straight in,  in order to secure a copy of the CD. My first thought was "15 Euros? That's a bit pricey!". And when I got the disc out and realized it was not a CD but a CD-R then I thought "It's definitely pricey!". However, when I got a better look at it the following morning under the light of day I changed my mind. If one takes a look at the whole packaging, what's featured in it, the amount of work that had to be done in order to create this, combined with the fact that only 150 copies were made I realized that it was probably worth it. (Hey, there'e even a lollipop attached to the front cover!) What's more the money will be going to a new band who had just offered me a free gig! I was not obligated to buy the CD. You can judge for yourselves in these photos. (And you can listen to and even download for free the whole EP here)

Back to the gig, it was opened by Smacking Lips which have a harder and more raw sound that MOAN. On MTV Rise I heard that they too are preparing their first album so we'll probably have a chance to hear more of them in the future.

Then it was time for MOAN, and their set started in exactly the same way as their Stranglers support set. Opening with "Trapped Between Her Hips" (my favourite) followed by "Remember That Night". After that it was of course a different story since this was their own gig and they had all the time to themselves to play a full set.

With that, I headed home to enjoy (and examine) my new CD hoping that they will release a full album soon. With MOAN we are confident that we will hear more of them in the future. And as they themselves say, MOAN loves us. MOAN loves you. That means you!

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