Thursday, 7 April 2016

The Randen live @ Tiki Bar

I had heard of The Randen from a friend of mine but I had never listened to them. The first time I did that was when they released their first digital single "Songs Of Freedom". And I immediately wanted to see them live because they sounded nothing like what I expected. More of a British "alternative" / "new wave" sound than an American classic rock one that I'm used to from several local bands. Plus, another thing that makes them different, in the words of my friend who introduced me to them, is their songwriting. They have written not just a lot of songs but a lot of good songs. If you search around the internet for The Randen you'll probably only come across the two songs that comprise the "Songs Of Freedom" single, but they have written a lot more. In fact, at the time of this gig they had already finished their as yet unreleased first album and have completed several tracks that are going to be featured in their second one. That's why they can do full-length gigs based on their own material. And they have done several gigs so far, most of them free, or with a very low admission price, it just was never convenient for me to go. 

But I finally did go last week at the Tiki Bar in Athens. And although it was yet another occasion where I would have to leave early to catch the last bus home, the gig started early so I was able to enjoy most of it!

 And yes, admission was only 3 Euros and apparently I was the 25th guest!

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