Wednesday, 6 June 2018

Chameleons Vox live in Athens

The first 3 gigs of 2018 were all electro gigs, as I mentioned on my previous post, the last of them being Kid Moxie at Death Disco. The 4th one, even though it was not an electro one, was also at Death Disco. And it was pulled straight out of the 80's Manchester scene. Chameleons Vox aren't the original Chameleons of course. It's just their lead singer, Mark Burgess, with "whoever wants to play with him". But how did I get into the Chameleons? Back in the day (somewhere around 1984) a schoolfriend lent me their "Script Of The Bridge" album (along with "The Crackdown" by Cabaret Voltaire and the 12 inch of "Paris Latino" by Bandolero - yeah, I know, whatever) and forgot to ask me to give it back. I remember listening to the record and enjoying it because "there was so much music in there". What I was referring to was that its duration was around 55 minutes. So, if you liked that kind of music there was lots of it on the album for you to enjoy. The problem was of course, that vinyl records didn't really sound that good if they were over 45 minutes. I remembered that when the weekend before the gig I dug the record out, to listen to it again. I realized then that i probably needed to buy the remastered CD in order to enjoy their music in full.

On the night, which was sold out, they played songs from "Script Of The Bridge" but also from some of their later albums.

I enjoyed it thoroughly, probably because I was at the front of the stage. But there was a catch to that. I was also in front of one of the speakers.

I did not realize it then, but my hearing did suffer as I got out of the venue. On the train home I couldn't hear all the sounds clearly, and I was also hearing some sounds (sort of "beep, beep, beep") that weren't actually there. It took 48 hours for my hearing to come back to normal. It was probably worth it, but I'm not going to do this again. So, don't try this at home kids, you have been warned...

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