Thursday, 20 October 2016

The Big Nose Attack 5 year anniversary party with special guests on stage

After their appearance at Gagarin in January as a headline act, I thought I wouldn't need to see The Big Nose Attack again this year. I mean, what could possibly top that? The answer is of course "coming home". Where home is An Club for their 5 year anniversary party. This was obviously not going to be a usual BNA gig. The first set could be described as a typical Big Nose Attack short(ish) set.

We could have been happy with just that. But no, when it was finished they blew the candles on their birthday cake (which wasn't a cake, but a pizza) and then played a second set with a different guest each time for at least two more hours.
There was everything in this mix: a drum machine, a synthesizer, a theremin, a bouzouki and even - shock horror!!! - a BASS! Yes, a bass!

Plus, an amazing cover of the Stones' "Honky Tonk Women"!

The whole gig lasted for more than 3 hours. Only Bruce Springsteen could do such a thing...
I got back home early the next morning very hungry,

so I took of my Big Nose Attack t-shirt and had some... pizza! What else?

SETLIST 1 (The Big Nose Attack)
01. A Bite To Eat02. All By Myself
03. Under Your Spell
04. Monday Morning Spaghetti
05. Fifty Shades Of Shame
06. Dirty Emma
07. Not The One
08. I Gotta Luv U
09. Adam And Eve
10. Left Alone
11. Drunk And Gibberish
12. Drunk Whore Blues

SETLIST 2 (The Big Nose Attack featuring special guests)
01. Let Me Tell Ya featuring Yiannis Biliris (Μεθυσμένα Ξωτικά)
02. The Black Hat Man featuring Konstantinos Kirtsis (The Wrinkled Suits) and Rsn
03. All The Time featuring Petros Kasimatis (ΠΡΟΦΙΛ)
04. Yeah! (That Girl) featuring Babis Papanikolaou (Planet Of Zeus) and Idra Kayne
05. Hey Joe featuring Thymios Spiliotopoulos (Mr. Highway Band)
06. Let Τhe Love Shine featuring Alexis Kalofolias (The Last Drive)
07. Don't Look Back featuring Panos Tsekouras (Mani Deum)
08. Holdin' On featuring Panos Tsekouras and Babis Mavridis (Black Hat Bones)
09. N.I.B. featuring Konstantinos Dreankcrocs (Mock Τhe Mankind) and Vassilis Magganas (SuperPuma)
10. Wild Cherry featuring Dani G. (1000mods)
11. Honky Tonk Women featuring Mickey Pantelous
12. Down With Me featuring Mickey Pantelous
13. Kick Out The Jams featuring Aggelos Panokas (Black Hat Bones)
14. Blues Jam featuring Stam (The Bad Slide Stam)

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