Monday, 3 October 2016

A Broken Frame - Then And Now (The Final)

Before moving one to "Ath.Lon", the lastest Marsheaux album, I wanted to revisit "A Broken Frame" for one more (and last - promise!) time
I have dedicated two of my previous posts to "A Broken Frame". One for the vinyl versions and one for the CD's and the relevant singles. However, there was still one version I still didn't have when I completed the second post: "A Broken Frame Instrumental" by Marsheaux. This was made available within special souvenir boxes during their German (supporting VNV Nation) and Spanish gigs. The ones that were not sold at their gigs were sold later at the UNDO Store. And they sold out really fast. Somehow I managed to miss both sales of their German boxes, but when the time came for the Spanish ones (last chance!) I was more than ready and I secured one from Madrid. 

There isn't much to say about the "A Broken Frame" project that I haven't covered in my previous two posts, but I have just one thing to point out: If you relly want to see how Marsheaux have not just covered the original album note-by-note, but instead made it their own, it's a good idea to listen to the instrumentals.
This may seem like a pointless review for an album that is not easy to buy (unless you find it on E-Bay) - let alone listen to since there is only one track available on YouTube, (The Sun And The Rainfall) but I'll post here the three different versions of it (Depeche Mode, Marsheaux and Marsheaux instrumental) so you can get a basic idea.
Coming up next on this blog, my own review of "Ath.Lon" (and yes, I have the deluxe version...)

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