Saturday, 12 January 2013

In English

Hello, good evening and welcome!
As I was saying in Greek last year (ie two weeks ago), I was asked by several people to start blogging in English. Mostly people I met during the last tour (for those who don't know me it was Bruce Springsteen's tour, not mine, although you could say I did a mini-tour myself with 3 stops) but also people I know from Facebook with which we (usually) like the same music (Bruce Springsteen in most cases). Most of these people have read my only previous English post which was a translation of my review of Bruce Springsteen's latest album "Wrecking Ball" and you can read it here. Plus, I always thought that we're not alone, Greece is NOT the centre of the world and the more people that understand us and we communicate with the better.
As I've just said, I've been asked to do this by several people I met through Facebook. On the other hand, Facebook is the reason that a lot of blogs are closing. And it's not only blogs. Fan (music or sports) forums (fora most likely is the correct plural) have mostly been affected, but also chat sites and of course MySpace. What's more, even Facebook itself is trying to do what blogs do. It's called "Facebook Notes", but it's really not the same, and your posts are usually not accessible to everyone (usually only your Facebook "friends") and of course they won't show on Google searches.
So, for those of you who are new here, this blog is mainly about concerts, travel and music in general (with lots of photographs). And as a consequence of me living in Athens, Greece, it will often feature local bands which you probably have never heard before.
And don't worry, I listen to a lot of other music apart from Bruce Springsteen.
Of all kinds.