Sunday, 31 March 2013

Down & Out - El Show Final

"Down & Out is a Southern Rock/blues band formed in 2003 in Athens Greece. All three members of the band just love good old rock n'roll, blues and hillbilly music and they just can't hide it!"
This is how Down & Out describe themselves. And they have been featured in this blog before in Greek posts several times, most importantly when they supported the Sonics when they played in Athens. They consist of:
BOOGIEMAN: TeleCOWster guitar, vocals, harmonica (yes, that's correct, I didn't make it up)
LITTLE TONNIE: Gretsch drums, piano and organ
VIRGIL: '62 Fender P-bass, backin' vocals

Now they have finally decided to call it a day with a final gig at After Dark a few days after The Western Ramblers and Penny Dreadful played there and documented on this blog's previous post. Meanwhile Boogieman and little Tonnie are continuing as a duo under the name The Big Nose Attack, which have also been featured on this blog in the past.
It was an incredible last stand featuring songs from their first album "Tres Weirdos", from their second still unreleased one (now we wonder, will it ever see the light of day? Keep checking for updates) and also their (and our) favourite cover version, Prince's Kiss!
We really hope it's not really the end for them and we expect to meet them further on up the road...