Wednesday, 30 May 2018

Kid Moxie - finally - live!

As it turned out, my first 3 gigs of 2018 were all electro gigs. The first one was Erasure, the second one Kraftwerk, and the third one turned out to be Kid Moxie.
It's funny how one gets to discover new acts in the internet age. I discovered Kid Moxie via Marsheaux. How did that happen? Well, many years ago she released her "Selector" album on UNDO Records, the same record company that Marsheaux release their music. When I saw that CD on the UNDO Records online store I decided to investigate. The fact that the CD contained a "Marsheaux Remix" of one of the songs was a plus. So, I bought it immediately without listening to a single note of it first (We used to do that often before the internet, you know). I wasn't disappointed. Her next album, 1888, was even better and, since I'm a "physical format" kind of guy I was happy when she finally released her latest, "Perfect Shadow" on CD. But, the question was, would I ever see her live? I had seen Marsheaux a few times, so why not Kid Moxie? From what I could tell, she hadn't played any gigs. But finally, earlier this year, an announcement came on her Facebook page: "Stay tuned for live gigs in Greece later this year". The first one, was, predictably on a Monday, when I could not go because I was working. But this, the one at Death Disco was taking place on a Thursday and I could go after work.
So, there I was on the 29th of March, trying to catch as much of the support act as possible who were starting earlier. And that's funny, because, Someone Who Isn't Me (the support band) was another discovery for me. I may have discovered Kid Moxie through Marsheaux, but I can now say that I discovered Someone Who Isn't Me through Kid Moxie.

Their latest single, "Gomenaki", is probably the best thing I have heard this year so far.
And one of their members was a familiar face. If I am not mistaken she used to be in The Berlin Brides.
Kid Moxie's set was next. She and her band, started with Lacuna, my favourite song from "1888" accompanied by projections on a big screen behind the stage.
There were a couple of sound problems (sometimes her voice was louder than the instruments, and at other times the instruments were louder than her voice, at least from where I was standing), but these were soon smoothed out.

And she had a big surprise for us towards the end: a cover version of "Big In Japan".

All in all, it was a wonderful night and she will appear live again, at the Release Festival in a few days. I don't know if I can make it yet, but it's certainly worth it.