Thursday, 23 July 2015

Saint Etienne presents ''How We Used To Live''

As we first noticed upon leaving Fuzz Club last Christmas after the Nouvelle Vague gig, Saint Etienne were due to appear in February. And we were not going to miss it.
What I realized though, before going to that particular gig, was that it was not ging to be an ordinary gig at all. Saint Etienne, on their current tour, were not just going to play the songs we know and love, but instead, they were mainly going to play live the soundtrack to the 70 minute "How We Used To Live" film composed by band member Pete Wiggs.  And although the organizers are to be congratulated on grabbong this chance to bring Saint Etienne to Athens, they did not explain  this detail to the Greek audience. The result was that many people got tired and bored during the first part of the gig which featured the band playing the soundtrack live over a complete screening of the film. I, myself, am not going to complain. I loved the fact that I got the chance to see something different, something that we do not often get the chance to see in Greece and I will not hesitate to admit that I was looking forward to seeing this film, depicting life in the UK until the beginning of the 80's, even more than I wanted to listen to the soundtrack. But I must admit, this was not what most people who came to that gig wanted to see.
Even so, at some point the "arty part" was over and it was time for the "party part" as lead singer Sarah put it. We were promised only 8 songs and we actually got 10 with the encore. And, having seen Saint Etienne again in Athens back in 1999, I was glad these 10 songs included some of my favourites that they hadn't played then like "You're In A Bad Way" and "Only Love Can Break Your Heart".

If only they had included "Pale Movie"... Oh, and like the Blues Pills singer on the last gig I went, she knew that we had recently had a general election but also that there was a change of government.
In short, a wonderful experience for me, but like everyone else in the audience I wish that the second part was a bit longer...

Arty Part:
01. How We Used To Live soundtrack
Party Part:
02. Mario's Cafe
03. I've Got Your Music
04. Like A Motorway
05. Tonight
06. You're In A Bad Way
07. Nothing Can Stop Us
08. DJ
09. He's On The Phone
10. Hobart Paving
11. Only Love Can Break Your Heart