Thursday, 28 February 2013

The Western Ramblers (Part 1 - With Penny Dreadful)

As I had promised when I announced that I was switching my blog's language to English, it will often feature local bands (By local, meaning Athens, Greece where I am currently residing). So it is then, that today's post features a local band, namely The Western Ramblers. And before we go any further, let me mention that their lead singer is a friend of mine, so yes, I am biased in their favour!
About 2 months ago, on the Sunday, the 30th of December I went to see them at the After Dark club. They play "American Roots Music" by their admission and that's what we enjoyed that night, including a few Springsteen tracks. (So far it seems inevitable to post something in this blog without mentioning Bruce Springsteen who will hopefully feature heavily during the summer)
They started out as a 2-piece with banjo and guitars, but by now they have evolved into a full band with the relatively recent addition of a bassist and a drummer
However, they were not the only band to appear that night. Their live set was followed by Penny Dreadful, billed as "Alternative Country" (they even played a rock cover of Kraftwerk's "The Model")
After the new year, I saw The Western Ramblers 2 more times. But I will cover these in another post...