Tuesday, 25 September 2018

Stereo Nova @ Summer Nostos Festival

In the 90's we had Greek hip-hop (not only Imiskoubria, who I eventually saw two years ago, but also Going Through, Terror-X-Crew and Active Member among others) and we also had Greek techno, which came in the form of Stereo Nova who, like their hip-hop counterparts mentioned above, were using Greek lyrics. That didn't stop them from getting featured on MTV Europe. Unfortunately they disbanded before the millennium. They reunited ten years ago for just one gig but I somehow managed to miss that. This year though they had a proper reunion with a new album as well. And this time I was not going to miss it.
It was still winter when it was announced that they were going to appear at the Summer Nostos Festival. This festival is absolutely free and is held at the newly built Stavros Niarchos Foundation Cultural Center which houses the Greek National Opera, the National Library Of Greece as well as a large park. And it is at this park that the festival was held.
We arrived quite early and realized that not many people had arrived before us. That meant that we could secure our places right at the front of the stage. And that's exactly what we did. 
Meanwhile, more people were coming while the music played by the DJ made this feel like a true 90's party.
The two presenters announced Stereo Nova early on (at least one hour before they came on stage) as "the event that we have been waiting for for the last 20 years" (It was actually 10 as I have already mentioned above). 
The very same presenters appeared again when it was finally time for the group to appear.
It was indeed what we had been waiting for. Not only did they play the familiar songs from the 90's but also several from the new album which is one of the best I've heard this year.
I heard several people saying that they felt like they had gone back in time. Indeed, like the DJ set that preceded it, the gig felt like a 90's party as well!

Apart from that the venue is simply great, perfect for the Athenian summer, the festival is, as I have already mentioned, free and on top of that it lasts for a week so there's bound to be something for everyone especially if you take into account the fact that it doesn't only feature concerts but also sports events and other activities. Let's wait and see what it will feature next year!

01. Telson
02. Nea Zoi
03. 3000 meres
04. Atlas
05. Isorropia
06. Enas Megalos Kosmos
07. Mathima
08. Ena klemmeno podilato
09. Video Club
10. Den allazo ta icheia mou
11. To Taxidi Tis Falainas
12. Assymetri Diataxi
13. Ta Dentra
14. Motokouzi
15. Proastia
16. Ti Vi O
17. Ouranos
18. Nea Moda
19. Mikro Agori
20. To Puzzle Ston Aera