Wednesday, 15 November 2017

Going down to The Dream Syndicate and Dustbowl show

Back in the early 80's The Dream Syndicate debut album "Days Of Wine And Roses" was marketed by their record company alongside the debut album by the Violent Femmes. As something "American" and "alternative". The truth is that each of the two bands has a different and quite distinct sound, but this ad, was the reason for me, who was already listening to the Violent Femmes to explore The Dream Syndicate.
I finally saw the Violent Femmes live 3 years ago and now it was time to see The Dream Syndicate. There was an extra reson for doing so. Support was provided by Dustbowl whom I had seen twice before, three years ago on their Johnny Cash Tribute show and two years ago at the Music Highway Festival previewing their latest album "The Great Fandango".
I arrived at the venue just as Dustbowl had started playing, a setlist mostly based on that very same album. I was glad to hear these songs again now that I'm familiar with "The Great Fandango", an album that according to my own personal list was one of the best albums of 2016.

On top of that, Dustbowl's sound is a perfect match foe the southern rock of The Dream Syndicate.
So the headliners came on stage and we started suspecting that we were in for a special treat when Steve Wynn announced that this was the last date of their European Tour.

Their set was over in 90 minutes and just as we were wondering if that was all, it was followed not by one, but by two lengthy encores.

The only thing that disappointed me was the version of "Medicine Show" they decided to play, but I have to stress out that this is my own personal opinion.

They more than made up for it when they managed to sneak in a Tom Petty tribute within "Boston".

They even played music from their latest album (Yes, they do have a new album out) and even that was one of the highlights of the night.

They finally wrapped things up in the most appropriate way: With "John Coltrane Stereo Blues"

They had played in Athens again in 2013 but I had missed that one. So this night was a dream come true for me...

01. Linger On
02. Sweet Flowers And Vine
03. Lay Me Down Easy
05. The Mourner
06. Heavy Chain Ball
07. Bread And Soil
08. Strain Of Care
09. The Great Fandango
10. The Boat
11. Billy

The Dream Syndicate
01. Halloween
02. The Circle
03. 80 West
04. Armed With An Empty Gun
05. Like Mary
07. Filter Me Through You
08. Burn
09. Whatever You Please
11. How Did I Find Myself Here
12. Forest For the Trees
13. That's What You Always Say
14. The Days Of Wine and Roses
15. Glide
16. The Side I'll Never Show
Encore 2:
18. When The Curtain Falls
20. John Coltrane Stereo Blues