Monday, 10 August 2015

Dustbowl (and more) @ the 4th Music Highway Festival

Having already seen Dustbowl on their Johnny Cash Tribute Show I wanted to see them again, playing their own songs this time. The 4th Music Highway Festival last March was a perfect opportunity for that. Little did I know that I would discover 2 other bands as well, 4LT and the hosts Mr. Highway Band. (Penny Dreadful I already knew from their gig with The Western Ramblers. That was not the only connection with that band. One of the guitarists from Dustbowl and the drummer from Mr. Highway have also played with them in the past).

First off, starting as I was getting into the venue were 4LT. The first thing I did though was go to the merchandise stand to pick up the Penny Dreadful album which I've wanted for a long time. Then I was able to sit back and enjoy 4LT. A bit on the hard rock side, but they sounded good to me. So much so that I started thinking of going back to the stand in order to get their EP.
Next up were Penny Dreadful, the band whose sound is much closer to Dustbowl who I had come to see. It was nice to be able to watch them play probably a fuller set than the last time and give them my full attention.

Then it was time for Dustbowl themselves starting off with their latest single "Suicide Avenue". 
They played their own songs (what I really wanted to hear on the night), including some from their forthcoming album "The Great Fandango". Plus some great Rolling Stones and Clash covers.
While waiting for the hosts, Mr. Highway Band, to appear, it was back to the merchandise stand for me. Now, I already had all the Dustbowl CD's and the Penny Dreadful one I had bought earlier. So I got the 4LT. EP and I thought I should get something from Mr. Highway Band, they were the hosts after all, right?. They had two albums for sale, prices were good, but I didn't want to spend too much money, so I got their latest one "Story Of My Life". The funny thing was that at that particular moment the stand was manned by the Penny Dreadful singer. I hope he wasn't disappointed to see me buying almost everything except his own band's CD!

Finally, it was time for the hosts, Mr. Highway Band. They played a full 2-hour set. And although it was already late and people started leaving (I was tired myself and with an injured knee), I stayed until the end. I particurarly noted how catchy the title track from their latest album was and I liked them so much I regretted not buying their first album as well. Within a month though, I stumbled upon them playing at a bar, on my way home after another gig and I bought it then!
Well into the morning hours (it was the night we changed to daylight savings time), I left Kyttaro Club carrying several new CD's and thinking that I will probably be attending this particular festival next year...

As an added bonus, the guy who filmed the Blues Pills gig was also there that night and once again he filmed the whole show. So, sit back and enjoy!

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