Tuesday, 9 February 2021

Concerts 2019

Well, since my last post was all about the concerts of 2009, the year before I started this blog, I decided to do the same with the concerts of 2019, 10 years later than the previous post and the last year that proper concerts took place. Since there are no concerts forthcoming in the near future, it will serve as a reminder of "how it used to be"...

01. Uriah Heep, Fuzz Club, Athens, Greece, Friday 08/02/2019

02. Peter Hammill, Gagarin, Athens, Greece, Saturday 09/03/2019

03. Iggy Pop & James, Release Festival, Water Square, Saturday 08/06/2019

04. New Order & Johnny Marr, Release Festival, Water Square, Sunday 16/06/2019

05. Neneh Cherry, Summer Nostos Festival, Stavros Niarchos Foundation Cultural Center, Tuesday 25/06/2019

06. Rod Stewart, 1st Central County Ground, Brighton, England, UK, Friday 12/07/2019

07. Happy Mondays, Dreamland, Margate, England, UK, Saturday 13/07/2019

08. The Cure, Ejekt Festival, Water Square, Athens, Greece, Wednesday 17/07/2019

09. Giorgio Moroder & Manic Street Preachers, Brussels Summer Festival, Place Des Palais, Brussels, Friday 16/08/2019

10. The Monochrome Set, An Club, Athens, Greece, Saturday 21/09/2019

11. The Big Nose Attack, Panagouli Square, Athens, Greece, Saturday 28/09/2019

12. Queensryche, Fuzz Club, Athens, Greece, Saturday 16/11/2019

13. Bryan Adams, Olympic Arena, Athens, Greece, Monday 18/11/2019

14. Little Boots, The Garage, London, England, UK, Saturday 23/11/2019

Tuesday, 26 January 2021

Concerts 2009

The PAP DX Blog celebrated its 10th anniversary last February. Until the end of 2012, with the exception of one post, it was written in Greek. From 2013 onwards after requests from online friends living abroad it switched to English. From time to time I have published some of its Greek posts again, translated in English. Going back to February 2010, its second ever post (the first was an introductory one) was a recap of all the concerts I had been to in 2009, the year before the blog was officially started. And there was a good reason for that. 2009 was probably the year with the most concerts, especially abroad. What's more, two of them (Bruce Springsteen at Hyde Park and Depeche Mode in Barcelona) were released as official DVD's! There were no reviews of the concerts, just a photo and a video (although now, if you click on the heading for each concert you will be taken to its corresponding English review from this blog). And while that post is still online (in Greek), some of the photos that were not uploaded to Blogger, but to ImageShack instead are no longer accessible. So, as part of the still ongoing 10 year "celebration" and since the current situation means that no concerts are currently taking place for me to go to and then post about, I decided  to "reconstitute" this post, in English and with all photographs from Blogger this time so that it can once again be viewed as it was originally intended. Enjoy!

01. Monika, Gagarin, Athens, Greece, Thursday 22/01/2009

02. Paul Weller, O2 Arena, London, England, UK, Saturday 21/03/2009

03. AC/DC, Olympic Stadium, Athens, Greece, Thursday 28/05/2009

04. The Killers, Hard Rock Calling, Hyde Park, London, England, UK, Friday 26/06/2009

05. Neil Young, Hard Rock Calling, Hyde Park, London, England, UK, Saturday 27/06/2009

06. Bruce Springsteen, Hard Rock Calling, Hyde Park, London, England, UK, Sunday 28/06/2009

07. Tiesto, Elliniko Olympic Complex, Athens, Greece, Saturday 04/07/2009

08. Santana, Olympic Stadium, Athens, Greece, Wednesday 08/07/2009

09. Oasis, Wembley Stadium, London, England, UK, Saturday 11/07/2009

10. Paul Weller, Vrachon Theatre, Athens, Greece, Tuesday 14/07/2009

11. Bruce Springsteen, Stadio Olimpico, Rome, Italy, Sunday 19/07/2009

12. Bruce Springsteen, Stadio Comunale, Torino, Italy, Tuesday 21/07/2009

13. Bruce Springsteen, Stadio Friuli, Udine, Italy, Thursday 23/07/2009

14. U2, Millennium Stadium, Cardiff, Wales, UK, Saturday 22/08/2009

15. ZZ Top, Tae Kwon Do Arena, Athens, Greece, Saturday 24/10/2009

16. Depeche Mode, Palau San Jordi, Barcelona, Catalonia, Spain, Saturday 21/11/2009

17. Nouvelle Vague, Gagarin, Athens, Greece, Friday 27/11/2009

18. From The Jam, Sheperd's Bush O2 Empire, London, England, UK, Wednesday 16/12/2009

And one concert that never started:
00. Depeche Mode, Terra Vibe, Athens, Greece, Tuesday 12/05/2009