Saturday, 29 February 2020

February 29 2020

Every 4 years, on the 29th of February I go for a special walk. This year I was planning to go to the city centre to see some of the carnival events in Athens. But since the carnival has been cancelled I decided to walk up the mountain that is near my house. And see how far up I could go. Hence the picture. And let me tell you the gradient was more than 10%.
The reason I wanted to do this was the fact that the road going up the mountain was going straight up. No twists and turns around like the usual mountain roads.

At some point it eventually turned to the right, but it still kept going up.

Then it started going a bit down again, so I made a took a left turn at the next crossroads and kept going up again.
At some point the paved road ended and I plateau thinking I could go no further.
However, by turning to the right and then to the left, I found out that I could go further up.
The paving soon ended and so did the houses. Then the road became a path.
And the path narrowed and went through the forest.

Finally I reached another plateau where there was something that looked like an abandoned stone well.

There, I was rewarded with some wonderful views of Athens. I was even able to spot my house from 
up there.

As the sun was setting, I started going back down. When I encountered some wild boars wandering not in the forest but around the houses, I knew that I should really be getting back home!

I still got some wonderful views of Athens though, all the way to the coast!

As I finally finished my walk, I rewarded myself with souvlaki and beer!

As for tonight's entertainment it will consist of the movie "Leap Year" (of course).

And as far as music is concerned there is nothing more suitable than Mark Lanegan's live CD from Amsterdam recorded on February 29 2012.

Monday, 24 February 2020

10 years of The PAP DX Blog

On my previous post I was talking about a decade: The 1910's. On this one I am going to talk about another decade that started a month later: The 10 years of The PAP DX Blog.
When it started, it was written in Greek, inspired by a couple of other blogs I was following at the time, one of which had a new way of looking at concerts and the people one meets there. So I decided to write about concerts myself since I go to several of them during the year, including a few abroad. In this way I could have a blog about both concerts and travel.
A couple of years into this blog's lifetime, my friends from social media who are mainly from other countries decided they wanted to be able to read my blog as well, especially when I reviewed Bruce Springsteen's album "Wrecking Ball". So from 2013 onwards I switched to English.
My second ever post was a summary of all the concerts I had been to in 2009, the year in which I have probably attended the largest number of gigs ever. Some of the photos in that post are no longer available since they were stored in ImageShack and not in Blogger. Some of the videos are no longer accessible since they were embedded in a different way. Very soon I will recreate that post, in English this time, with photos and videos reposted. In the meantime I will continue another task I have already started, which is featuring the gigs I attended 10 (or more) years ago and were not featured in the blog in English or were not featured at all.
I will leave you for the moment with the first photo ever posted on this blog. A snapshot of footwear inside the London Underground, which was inspired by "That Girl Needs Therapy", a blog by Gogonutsss which was my original inspiration (That girl eventually got married).
And by the way... Greetings Yo!Reeka and Ephee... wherever you are...