Sunday, 20 March 2016

Time for a pizza and a 69

After having heard several of its songs at The Big Nose Attack gigs, (starting, if I am not mistaken from late 2014), I finally sat down for a complete listen of the band's 3rd album "69". It's released on orange vinyl which represents the band's continuing love affair with pizza. (It's also available on ordinary black vinyl and CD so don't worry).
On their last gig that I attended, back in January (the "69 Release Party"), a friend of mine told me: "You will enjoy this album. It's their best ever and not at all experimental". Nothing bad with a band being experimental of course, but a statement like this builds up your hopes for what you are about to listen to. And indeed the average track length is 3 minutes. Some people have attributed the 3 minute length to the so-called "perfect pop song", but believe me, it also works with the band's blues-rock style. It has to be said though that the closing track "Don't Look Back" is 5 minutes long. The overall album length is around 32 minutes which is another thing that works to its advantage: It sounds great on vinyl!
The opening track is appropriately enough called "Special Sauce Called Love" (After all who wouldn't want some love to go with their pizza? It's the most special sauce there is, right?)
"Under Your Spell" is another one of my favourites as are "Fifty Shades Of Shame" and and "Let The Love Shine" with all of which I was familiar having listened to them live at the band's gigs. However, before we move to my "most favourite of all" on this album, let's have a small flashback on their last one: "Paint It Blue" featured one song that was so popular and received radio play that can rightly be called a hit: "Yeah! (That Girl)". And deservedly so, because it was very catch indeed. But "69" also features a song which, in my own humble opinion, has a very catch riff and chorus and deserves to be their next "hit". This song is "Not The One". For me, this is the best song on the album, but remember, this is only my opinion. When you listen to the album, maybe your favourite song will be a different one.

For the end of this post I left the album's biggest surprise for me: "Dirty Emma" a song which I had never heard before on their gigs. Not only it's a great song, but if I heard it correctly it features the lyric "You complete me like KFC"? If so, then Emma is lovely indeed and I wish I had her phone number.
So, go on, give "69" a listen! (Preferably accompanied with some pizza and beer). You can do that here. And remember, this is not a review, it's just my personal "reaction" to it as Facebook would say. Hopefully, one day, I will also have it on CD (I had the CD for about 5 seconds yesterday, but then I misplaced it...)