Thursday, 29 January 2015

Paint It Blue

Having just returned from my summer holidays, the weather was still hot in Athens when I went to see The Big Nose Attack once again. Usually one of their gigs is my first or last post of each year. This is the first post of 2015 (although, only because I'm lagging behind in my blog posts, but their next gig was actually my last of 2014 (but more of that later). Oh, and theirs was the first of 2014 (supporting Blue Oyster Cult). And the first of 2015 (supporting Blues Pills). OK, enough of that!
Anyway, back in 2012, I attended the CD release party for their "Paint It Blue" album, this time it was the vinyl release party for that same album, with a new cover and blue vinyl!
When I arrived, Superpuma came on stage, who jealous of the main acts big noses, donned some big ears pretending to be "The Big Ear Attack".
The highlight of their set, was a great cover version of Leadbelly's "Ain't It A Shame"

The good thing about this venue, An Club, was that we could pop out for a beer or two whenever we wanted, so after Superpuma's set, we steeped out to buy a few cheap ones from a local shop.
It seems that we had one too many though because we missed the beginning of The Big Nose Attack set, including the "hit" Yeah (That Girl). I think they should place it later in their set.

We were soon back in though, bought the vinyl, and enjoyed the rest, particurarly "Holdin' On" which also featured bouzouki.
At the end of the set, after the band had gone, a lady who during the gig appeared to be enjoying it quite a lot, jumped on stage and started playing Little Tonie's drums for quite some time.
I was disappointed to have missed "That Girl", so we finished the night with a few beers more. But I knew that I would catch The Big Nose Attack again. I didn't know it then, but a Christmas party and a support slot for Blues Pills were due in the winter...