Tuesday, 13 May 2014

How I learned to stop worrying and love Still Corners

I had never heard of Still Corners before until last October when they played a gig in Athens. And it was my girlfriend who asked me to go with her to see them. So I did something I do not usually do: I checked out some of their songs on YouTube. (I'm used to discovering my music the old-fashioned way: Buying records and stuff I hear on the radio). That's when I realized that they fall into a category which I adore: "Heavenly Female Vocals" which first bring to mind Mazzy Star. The same thing that came to my mind at the Isobel Campbell with Mark Lanegan gig. And all this coupled with a synth sound (but not completely electronic, and as a result several fans of "real" music have also fallen under their spell). However it was electronic enough for me to remind me a bit of the things I love about Marsheaux.
The gig was in a small underground venue (I mean literally underground as it was in a basement) in the center of Athens. Greek band Spectralfire were on first
And then it was time for Still Corners fronted by the lovely Tessa...

 After the gig, Tessa was tending the merchandise stand herself. I nought thir records and Tessa was kind enough to sign one of them (the special coloured vinyl one) for me!