Thursday, 27 October 2016

Saint Etienne presents ''Foxbase Athens''

Saint Etienne were back in Athens in little more than a year and a half after their last visit. Back then they presented us with the soundtrack to a movie which got some people bored and maybe that was the reason why this time Gagarin 205 Live Music Space was not full when they played their "Foxbase Alpha" album, which is 25 years old this year, in its entirety.

Support was provided by Etten, the former singer of Film and current singer of Mechanimal.

When Saint Etienne came on stage they launched into a compete performance of "Foxbase Alpha". (And I managed to catch one of the pieces of candy Sarah threw into the audience). 

After the full album performance though there was more time left for hits this time. I was very happy to see that they played "You're In A Bad Way" again.
Hearing this song live brings back memories of an incident at their 1999 Athens gig when somebody in the crowd shouted "Sarah! You're In A Bad Way!" to which Sarah promptly replied "Thank You!". Needless to say, the song wasn't played then.

Finally "Hobart Paving" provided the perfect ending to a perfect gig... 
No wait! That was not the end! The final song was "He's On The Phone" with everybody dancing. Yes!...
Foxbase Alpha:
01. This Is Radio Etienne
02. Only Love Can Break Your Heart
03. Wilson
04. Carnt Sleep
05. Girl VII
06. Spring
07. She's the One
08. Stoned to Say the Least
09. Nothing Can Stop Us
10. Etienne Gonna Die
11. London Belongs to Me
12. Like the Swallow
13. Dilworth's Theme
14. Join Our Club
15. Who Do You Think You Are
16. Filthy
17. Sylvie
18. You're in a Bad Way
19. Tonight
20. Hobart Paving
21. He's on the Phone

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