Thursday, 5 June 2014

And no cowbell in sight!

As it happens, my first concert of evey year involves either The Big Nose Attack or Down & Out. Both bands feature Boogie Man on guitars and vocals and ittle Tonnie on drums. And so it was this year, when the first band I saw live were The Big Nose Attack who were opening for Blue Oyster Cult at Gagarin in Athens. The sound was very good (something which does not always happen at that venue) and that was especially important for The Big Nose Attack who I'm used to seeing in small places.
As for Blue Oyster Cult, they mesmerized the audience, both the young and the old(er) who have spent decades listening to their records. Almost all the favourites were played. even some that were not expected, like "Astronomy"
And there was not a single cowbell in sight!

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Petros said...

"Τιμής ένεκεν" το εισητήριο;