Wednesday, 18 March 2015

Greek Progressive Rock

 Now, I do not normally post gig reviews of Greek-singing artists on this blog anymore but this is something a bit different. PLJ Band were formed in the late 70's and they played progressive rock at a time when it had already gone out of fashion. Their first LP "Armageddon" was released in 1982 featuring music inspired by John's Revelation, sung in English, although there were some passages that were recited in the original ancient Greek text. It was promoted by the record company alongside the first LP by new wave band T.V.C. (now, I wonder what happened to them?). Needless to say the record was not a success. It sold about 400 copies and I'm proud to say I bought one of them back then. What the band did after that, was they changed their name to "Τερμιτες" (Greek for "Termites"), they started singing in Greek and success in Greece followed soon afterwards. Meanwhile the "Armageddon" LP gathered some attention abroad, especially after the internet came along, mostly by collectors who viewed the concept of a band from Greece playing progressive rock somewhat exotic.
So, last autumn, the band decided to reform and play "Armageddon" in its entirety. Having bought the album when it originally came out, this was something that I wanted to see. Unfortunately (and probably predictably) not very many people were interested in that, so the concert was rescheduled and apart from "Armageddon" the setlist was expanded to feature the well known songs and hits from the band's Greek-singing "Termites" phase.
I went to listen to "Armageddon", most of the others went to listen to "Termites", I guess in the end everybody was happy.
And here, you can get a glimpse of what "Greek Progressive Rock" sounds like along with a sample from their Greek phase...

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