Wednesday, 15 April 2015

The next big thing - A hope for the future (islands)

It was my girlfriend who urged me to go and see Future Islands live (when the day came though she couldn't join me). And by doing a little research on the internet I realized it was a case of "the next big thing", a "hope for the future" playing in Greece live. They have actually played here in the past, but after their appearance on Letterman and their "Seasons" hit they are probably a case of "the current big thing happening now". And, as I have mentioned before the conspiracy theory of bands not playing in Greece when they're in their prime, but only when they're old or down on their luck and not successful anymore, this gig was probably a rare occasion. I mean, if the conspiracy theorists are right, we'll probably never see them live again (until a probable "reunion" tour in the future).
Support duties were performed by Mechanimal, a Greek band of which I think I cauight a glimpse at a festival last year. This time, with a chance to witness, if not a full, at least a support set, I was pleasantly surprised.

The biggest surpise of the night were of course Future Islands themselves. There are 3 things one immediately notices about them:

1. They are liked and respected by both electronica fans AND ther "real music brigade". They use both electronic and "real" instruments in such doses so that they keep both camps happy,
2. The lead singer's theatrics on stage, particurarly his dance routines and his pumping his chest with his fist.
3. The way he suddenly changes his voice to a "thrash metal" style one (I don't know how else to describe it).

Now, while I admire them for all of the above 3 reasons (because it is exciting to see something different) it is number 2 mostly that apart from fans has given them several enemies. I am not going to mention what has been said about them in general, I am just going to focus on the Greek music scene. On one review I read on the internet just after the gig, the reviewer was asking members of Greek bands what they thought of Future Islands and more specifically of their singer. Most comments were negative making him to be a sort of a charlatan. The Greek word "karagiozis" was mostly used ("karagioz" is the Turkish word), so I guess that our Greek and Turkish readers will get a better idea of what I'm talking about. So, you're in a band, which probably no one has heard of outside your own country and you think Future Islands are "charlatans". How very mature! And, as if that wasn't enough, one of these people accused him of "looking like a waiter"! Nice attitude pal, I would never wish to eat in the same restaurant as you, I would not like to see how you treat the waiters serving you. I mean, what does a waiter look like? Can somebody explain that to me? Just remember kids that the waiter is someone who can spit or piss in your food if he is mistreated (Read "Fight Club" if you don't believe me). Just saying...

Enough of that though, the important thing is that the people who actually paid a ticket to be there were the ones who enjoyed the gig and knew what to expect. And "Seasons (Waiting For You)" was what several of them were expecting. 

And Future Islands did not disappoint. I wish them better things and greater success for the future. After all haters are going to hate no matter what...
01. Song to the sirens
02. Freezer
03. Obscure
04. Secret Science
05. Kindergarten
06. The Den
07. Ghost

Future Islands:
01. Give Us the Wind
02. Back in the Tall Grass
03. A Dream of You and Me
04. Walking Through That Door
05. Balance
06. Before the Bridge
07. Doves
08. Heart Grows Old
09. A Song for Our Grandfathers
10. Light House
11. Seasons (Waiting on You)
12. Tin Man
13. Long Flight
14. Spirit
15. Fall from Grace
16. Inch of Dust
17. Vireo's Eye

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