Friday, 29 May 2015

Boxing Day with The Big Nose Attack

More festive fun, the day after Christmas with The Big Nose Attack. I had seen them only two months before, at the end of the summer at the same venue on their Vinyl Release Party. However, I missed their big hit "Yeah! (That Girl)" because... well because I was outside drinking beers with friends (They shouldn't have played it so early in the set). So, now, this was a chance to rectify that mistake. So, I got there early, secured a good place and I was ready!
Well, not early enough, I missed the first band, Drunken Gramophone, but I was lucky enough to catch the second one, Underjoyed with an incredible stage presence by lead singer Athena.

Time for The Big Nose Attack next with a stunning revelation: Boogie Man was down with tonsilitis! But that didn't stop him from appearing and his voice sounded as good as ever. Maybe the tea (or so he claims) he kept drinking on stage helped. "Don't worry, it's not contagious" he said, and at that point I noticed there was a big gap in the crowd in front of the stage at the point where Boogie Man was standing... :LOL:

I was happy to listen to them mix "Spare Some Change" with "Seven Nation Army" and yes, they moved "That Girl" towards the end of the set. But who was that girl with them on stage?

They even played songs from their forthcoming new album. This means that the "blue theme" is one its way out and I, for one, will miss that guitar...
However I look forward to seeing them tomorrow at this year's Rockwave Festival supporting one of their favourite bands: The Black Keys
And so, another year ended with a Big Nose Attack gig. For some strange reason my last gig of every year and the first of every year is a Big Nose Attack (or a Down & Out one). Also the first post of every year on this blog is a Big Nose Attack one. Weird...
And as you will notice from the next post coming up in a few days, the first gig of the new year also featured The Big Nose Attack...

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