Tuesday, 29 December 2015

Sorrowful Angels present Remedie @ Remedy

I've been a fan of Sorrowful Angels for about 4 years now. I think it was at the time that their second album "Omens" came out. Oh, and I never got any of their CD's either. So, the "Remedie Live Album Presentation" at Remedy Club ("Remedie" is the title of their latest, third album) was a perfect opportunity. To begin with, the entrance fee was flexible and adaptable to my needs. 4 Euros on its own or 10 Euros with a t-shirt or a "Remedie" CD. So, of course I went for the CD option. And when I got inside and collected my CD, I noticed that the previous two albums were available for 5 euros each so I grabbed this chance to complete my Sorrowful Angels discography.

The only problem was that I knew beforehand that this was going to be an incomplete gig for me since I had to catch the last train in order to get back home without spending a small fortune. Nevertheless when I saw the detailed line-up I knew that I would be able to catch a respectable percentage of the Sorrowful Angels set even if there was a delay in the schedule (which there was).
First up were Dead South Dealers.

Next up were Material Vibe preparing us for the main course including Metallica and Slayer covers.

And finally it was time for Sorrowful Angels. What I had time to hear before I had to leave was good enough for me: Five songs from the new album (which was what we mostly came to hear wasn't it?), two from "Omens" and one from the "Summer Goths" EP (although I have to admit, the other song on that EP "Love Means Death" is my favourite one.)

I have to admit it got even better in my absence as I read in this great review (in Greek) of the gig from hardmusic.gr. Former members Ilias Bouzeas and Chris Stratigos joined frontman Dion Christodoulatos on stage on some of the songs. And there were Iron Maiden covers! (They have performed as Paul Di Anno's backing band on part of his recent tour). Must have been a great party and I hope I will have a chance to see them again for a full set this time.


Dead South Dealers
01. Keep Em Coming
02. D.S.D
03. Note to Self
04. Vinnie the Vet
05. Fairies of the swamp
06. Wrong Cargo

Material Vibe
01. Voracious
02. Normality
03. Mandatory Suicide
04. Stagger's Leap
05. Climbing
06. Blinded by Fear (At the Gates)
07. Vital Venom
08. Reign with Fire
09. So What?

Sorrowful Angels
01. Witchhunt
02. Shatterbox
03. Immaculate disguise
04. Mistress of Desire
05. Circle Never Ends
06. Shores of Capture
07. Ghosts of Concrete
08. Dream in Black
09. Leap of Faith
10. Against The Dying of The Light
11. I'm Home
12. Suicidal Manners
13. Right of Way
14. Leaving Earth
15. Unspeakable Cult
16. Prowler
17. Running Free
18. Omens
19. Mourn
20. Denial

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