Tuesday, 31 May 2016

This is Radio Nowhere

It's official! Greece finally has its own Bruce Springsteen tribute band. And their name is Radio Nowhere.
They have played several gigs so far, but I could make it to none of them. Finally, a couple of weeks ago they played at a cosy rock club in the city centre and I managed to go. Of course, once again, public transport timetables meant that I could not see their whole set, but at least I saw about half of it, enough to get a clearer picture.

They play songs from all periods of Bruce's career including The Seeger Sessions and "the other band" era. In fact they play some songs that Bruce rarely performs at his concerts. My friend who was with me on that night said "they must have guts to have formed a Bruce tribute band". And I can see what he meant. They didn't just grab a couple of guitars, a bass and a drum kit to form a band. No, they also have a keyboard player, but most importantly a saxophone player. And while they don't have the size in members of The E Street Band, this means that they can play Bruce's songs the way they were meant to be performed. Their singer even danced with a girl from the audience during "Dancing In The Dark".
For me, it was a great introduction to them and I expect to see and hear more of them in the future!

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