Wednesday, 24 March 2021

When I went to Munich in 2010 to see some jewellery

Since the blog's 10 year anniversary last year, and taking into account the fact that because of the current situation, there is no travel and no concerts, I started revisiting some of the blog's early posts that were only available in Greek, translating them to English. I did that with all concerts from 2009 (and some from 2010), but I also want to do that with other posts that don't have anything to do with concerts. This was my first "pure travel" post from 2010, when I went to Munich, not to see a gig, but to attend a jewellery exhibition where a friend of mine (in fact, one of my two BFF's) was displaying her work.

When, during the month before the trip, I was announcing to my friends that I would go to Munich, everybody was asking "who are you going to see?" meaning "which artist" or "which band".

This time though, I wasn't going to a concert. In fact, it was my first trip abroad for two years without going to a gig (the last one before that was when I had gone to Austria for Euro 2008). This time the purpose of my trip was different. A friend of mine was taking part in the Inhorgenta jewellery exhibition and invited me to come along (You can check out her work here).

Here we can see the arrivals section at Munich airport. There is a yellow line to indicate, for those waiting outside, where they should stand, in order to enable travellers to exit safely. A line like this would be completely useless in Greece, so at the Athens airport they have installed a metal bar, otherwise everyone would rush to the door.

Unfortunately, at Munich Airport, they were using Microsoft Windows, with the tragic results that we have all come to expect from this operating system.

A Fast food chain with seafood from the North Sea.

Beers, beers, beers

The Pope!

Bayern Munich FC memorabilia and merchandize.

Proof that even in 2010 you could NOT escape the 80's!

Sausages and beer. What else could somebody ask for?

Augustiner Bierhalle (Augustine's Brewery), where we enjoyed the aforementioned sausages and beer. I loved those particular sausages (Weisswurst) so much, but I couldn't easily find them in Greece. So, when a few months later I was coming back from Paris with a stopover at Munich Airport, I discovered that one of the airport's restaurants had Weisswurst. It was 10 o'clock in the morning, but needless to say, I had them for breakfast!

So, apparently there are Greek lawyers in Munich. But is the German word for "Lawyer" really "Dikigoros"?
The congress center hosting the Inhorgenta Exhibition.

Ducks, in the frozen lake next to the exhibition center.

On our way back to the hotel from the brewery, we came upon a performance from Helly Meier a famous Munich street artist. After the performance, people could buy his CD. He was an expert at making fun of the nationalities of the people attending his performances. This is the dialogue we has while I was buying his CD:
- How much is your CD?
- 10 Euros. Where are you from?
- Greece.
- Go away! You have no money!

(Join us here again soon on The PAP DX Blog, for more Germany when we have "Group sex in Berlin" one year later in 2011)

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