Wednesday, 14 October 2020

The Monochrome Set live in Athens September 2019

I remembered The Monochrome Set from the early 80's. Back then they had come, together with another band (The Passage) from the same label (Cherry Red) in Athens for a gig. I was too young to go then, but a few years later I bought theirs and The Passage's records of that period ("Eligible Bachelors" and "Degenerates" respectively) in Monastiraki, the flea market area of Athens. Unfortunately The Passage are no longer with us, but The Monochrome Set are still active so this was an ideal chance to see them. The circumstances reminded me of what had happened the year before when I returned to Athens from my holidays in Santorini to immediately go to a Chemical Brothers gig. This time I returned from my holidays in Antiparos to see The Monochrome Set.

Ticket for gigs at An Club are usually not sold online beforehand, so I arrived very early in order to ensure I got in. (As it turned out later, I needn't have bothered because not many people had shown up). In fact I arrived so early that An Club was still closed and I had time to grab a souvlaki from nearby Exarchia Square. As I was returning from the square with my souvlaki in hand I noticed, Bid (real name Ganesh Seshadri), having a drink outside the club! I finished my souvlaki, got my ticket and went inside, in time to catch the support act, Cosmonuts, a Greek prog band. There were a nice surprise, so nice in fact, that I bought their EP "Holidays In Andromeda" at their merchandise stand, after their set, sold to me by the lead singer himself!

After that it was time for The Monochrome Set. Second in the set, was "The Jet Set Junta" my favourite song from "Eligible Bachelors". The band played on but it was not the singer, it was the keyboard player who stole the show, looking a lot like Jesus. He even went on to "bless" the audience. As I've said before, not many people showed up, but those of us who were there had a great time!

So that was the first indoor gig of the autumn of 2019. There would be another open air gig though, before we went back "inside"

01. Super Plastic City
03. Alphaville
05. I Can’t Sleep 
06. Ruling Class
07. I Feel Fine
08. Rest, Unquiet Spirit
09. Walking With The Beast
10. Maisieworld 
12. Jack
13. Summer Of The Demon
14. Mating Game
15. Mrs Robot
16. Cowboy Country
17. The Z Train
19. Eine Symphonie Des Grauens
21. He’s Frank

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