Wednesday, 21 October 2020

The Big Nose Attack homecoming gig

How about a free gig on a Saturday night? Sounds good, right? This is what happened last year at the end of September and this was a gig that I actually decided to go to at the last moment. The Big Nose Attack were playing in Athens, not just anywhere in Athens, but in Brahami, the district the district they grew up in, went to school in and the one which they call "home". The gig was taking place at the district´s main square as part of a summer festival organized by the municipality. So the band were playing to an audience that included their parents friends, neighbours and former classmates as Boogie Man (not the drummer, the other one) said.

However, this time, the setup was different. It had been a long time (by my standards), since I had last seen The Big Nose Attack live. My last BNA gig was at the 2017 Music Highway Festival. In fact, 2018 was the first year in a very long time (probably since they had formed) that I hadn't been to a Big Nose Attack gig. This time, there were four musicians on stage: Apart from Boogie Man on guitar and vocals and Little Tonnie on drums there was also a conga player and a bass player (Bass! Bass! on The Big Nose Attack! Sacrilege?). 

Their fourth LP "Deader Than Disco" had come out the previous spring, which presented a bit of a change from their usual sound. Not really disco, but it definitely has a 70's feel with just 8 tracks, each more than 5 minutes long. It was the first time that I heard those songs, but they mixed them up with older favourites from their three previous albums. Meanwhile, I had the chance to walk a few meters to the nearby kiosk on the edge of the square, buy a can of beer, then go back to enjoy my alcohol listening to the music of the band.

At the end of the gig. seeing as the local metro station is also located at the square, I grabbed the last train home, to end a Saturday night filled with wonderful music having spent only the equivalent of a (large) can of beer. 

Nowadays, with no gigs, I drink my beers at home...

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