Tuesday, 3 November 2020

Nouvelle Vague live in Athens November 2009

The current situation, being what it is, does not allow for live gigs. Still, some artists aren't short of ideas and this is what two members of Nouvelle Vague did a few days ago because they couldn't come to Thessaloniki, Greece, for an appearance at the Demetria festival. They streamed an acoustic performance from a sauna! Back in 2009 though, they had come to Athens and it was the second time that I went to see them. Once again, it was at the same place, Gagarin and they still had a male singer, along with the two female ones.
The opening act was Olga Kouklaki, herself an established artist in the field of electronic music in France, even though she is Greek. I had heard of her a while back but this was the first time that I saw her live.

Nouvelle Vague were, once again, amazing. Remember it was only the second time I had seen them live and I was very excited to listen to all those songs from my childhood, in a bossa nova arrangement.


Even when I think about it now, what was on that night's menu was amazing. Covers of songs by The Sex Pistols, Depeche Mode, Yazoo, Frankie Goes To Hollywood, Blondie, Joy Division and The Specials among others. Probably, the best Nouvelle Vague gig I have ever been to.

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