Wednesday, 25 November 2020

Queensryche live in Athens November 2019

To tell you the truth, I first got interested in Queensryche back in the day, because their name started with "Queen". I was intrigued however by the fact that one of their first songs was called "Queen Of The Reich", paraphrasing the band's name. And then I got to actually listen to them in 1990 when a fellow student who was a heavy metal fan gave me their "Empire" CD for free, simply because he had bought it and... hated it. On first listen, I found it rather boring, (it was probably too prog for me at the time) but I really liked the ballad featured in that album titled "Silent Lucidity". In later years I decided to investigate further and finally managed to track down their "Queen Of The Reich" CD. And now, in 2019 they were coming to Athens, so I wasn't going to miss them.
It was on a Saturday, two days before the Bryan Adams concert, which turned out to be the last big concert in Greece before the lockdown and it was at Fuzz Club, the same venue where my concert year had started with Uriah Heep. There weren't so many people compared to the aforementioned gig, so I found a nice little corner at the back to enjoy it while preserving some energy, since I had two more gigs coming up the following week and one of them was in London.

They played songs from the whole span of their career, including from fan favourite "Operation Mindcrime" but also from my favourites "Queen Of The Reich" and "Empire". In fact they actually played "Queen Of The Reich" and "Silent Lucidity" back to back!

All in all an incredible and highly enjoyable Saturday night with what would turn out to be one of my last gigs before the lockdown...

02. I Am I
03. NM 156
04. Man The Machine
05. Walk In The Shadows
07. Condition Hüman
10. Jet City Woman
11. Propaganda Fashion
12. The Mission
13. Screaming In Digital
14. Take Hold Of The Flame
15. Light-Years
16. Empire
17. Eyes Of A Stranger

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