Thursday, 14 April 2022

Mark Lanegan live in Athens April 2012

Having seen Mark Lanegan with Isobel Campbell back in December 2010, it was now time to see him by himself. I liked Isobel's music as well as their collaboration. At that concert, a friend of mine, who was a Lanegan fan from the 90's also came and it was she who made that legendary remark: "We came here to see the son of Tom Waits and we got Belle And Sebastian instead. This woman has really mellowed him out". Anyway, in 2012 he released a new album (Blues Funeral) and he paid us his customary visit to Athens, this time at Fuzz Club. The first half of 2012 had been very quiet for me gigwise, as I was saving for the upcoming Bruce Springsteen tour of the following summer, and Mark Lanegan was the only international artist I saw live during that period.

Support was provided by Illegal Operation who I'd seen live before at Blues Bar. (The place where I first saw The Big Nose Attack). And I finally learned what their name was!
They played well, and would have played even better (and more) if their amp hadn't blown up. And then it was time for Mark and his band.
He began with songs from the new album and continued with older songs. And he played one more song as an encore.

HOWEVER! Although I wasn't counting, I learned that the gig lasted for only 71 minutes. Nevertheless, he had warned us before he played and he had asked the audience to refrain from smoking. Being typical Greeks, they ignored both. It was obvious that he had a problem.
Once again, at the merchandise stand there was a selection of live CD's self-released by Mark Lanegan on offer and I bought one of a gig that had taken place earlier that year, on the special date of the 29th of February to be precise.

Anyway, personally speaking, I liked Mark live, both with his band and with Isobel. He will be missed...

01. The Gravedigger's Song
02. Sleep With Me
03. Hit The City
04. Wedding Dress
05. One Way Street
06. Resurrection Song
07. Wish You Well
08. Gray Goes Black
09. Crawlspace
10. Deep Black Vanishing Train
11. Quiver Syndrome
12. One Hundred Days
13. Creeping Coastline Of Lights
14. Riot In My House
15. Ode To Sad Disco
16. St. Louis Elegy
17. Tiny Grain Of Truth
18. Pendulum

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